GIGA – Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs – Vol 30, No 3 (2011)

Research Articles

  • Reaching across the Mekong: Local Socioeconomic and Gender Effects of Lao-Thai Crossborder Linkages
    José Edgardo Gomez, Jr., Nittana Southiseng, John Walsh, Samuel Sapuay
  • Lessons from Preah Vihear: Thailand, Cambodia, and the Nature of Low-Intensity Border Conflicts
    Martin Wagener
  • Skilled Migration, Knowledge Transfer and Development: The Case of the Highly Skilled Filipino Migrants in New Zealand and Australia
    Sheila V. Siar
  • Multiplicity within Singularity: Racial Categorization and Recognizing “Mixed Race” in Singapore
    Zarine L. Rocha
  • The End of Political Islam? A Comparative Analysis of Religious Parties in the Muslim Democracy of Indonesia
    Kikue Hamayotsu

The Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs is an Open Access publication.
All the articles are avaiable online here.

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