Reinheit und Reinigung, Myanmar © 2013 Felix Hessler
Sunset Study, Myanmar © 2013 Sascha Richter
Sufism Yogyakarata, Indonesia © 2013 Alida Szabo
Prayer amidst the earthquake ruins, Indonesia © 2013 Ahmad Samsudin
Prayer, Indonesia © 2013 Daniel Suryana
Woman holding photo of Mecca, Indonesia © 2013 Willow Paule
Monk sweeping, Myanmar © 2013 Branimir Milovanovic
After the Chinese New Year, Indonesia © 2013 Sigit Adhi Wibowo
Nadzir followers celebrate Idul Adha, Indonesia © 2013 Radil Qamarullah
Child in a congregation, Indonesia © 2013 Muhammad Iqbal
Islamic New Year, Indonesia © 2013 Dicky Mulianto
Mother of God procession, Indonesia © 2013 Armin Hari

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DORISEA is a cooperative network of scholars from the Universities of Goettingen, Hamburg, Muenster, Heidelberg and Berlin (HU), whose research focuses on the connection between religion and modernity in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the support of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, scholars in the network were able to conduct research projects in and about the region from 2011 to 2015. One product of the network has been the DORISEA-Working Paper series, which will continue after funding has expired at the end of 2015. Questions or requests for submission guidelines should be directed to the editors of the working paper series: Andrea Lauser, Peter J. Bräunlein and Michael Dickhardt.


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