Dr. Martin Slama
Austrian Academy of Sciences (Vienna)

Institute for Social Anthropology
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Apostelgasse 23
1030 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 51581 6464
Fax: +43 1 51581 6460
E-mail: martin.slama@oeaw.ac.at

Martin Slama is researcher at the Institute for Social Anthropology, Austrian Academy of Sciences, and lecturer at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna. From September 2011 till February 2012 he was visiting fellow at the Department of Anthropology, Australian National University. In 2007/08 he was guest researcher at the Centre for the Study of Religion and Culture, State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta (12 months), and in 2004/05 guest researcher at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta (12 months).

He is APART (Austrian Programme for Advanced Research and Technology) grant holder with the project “Among National Elites and Local Muslims. The Hadhrami Diaspora in Contemporary Indonesia” (January 2010 – April 2013).

Research Interest

Anthropology of Southeast Asia (esp. Indonesia), Islam in Southeast Asia, diaspora and transnationalism, communication technologies and social media, multiple modernities, youth cultures.

Selected Publications

2012 “‘Coming Down to the Shop’: Trajectories of Hadhrami Women into Indonesian Public Realms”, The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 13 (4), 313–333

2012 “Wisata Religi – Religiöser Tourismus: Spirituelle Ökonomien und islamische Machtkämpfe in Indonesien”, ASIEN. The German Journal on Contemporary Asia 123, 77–94

2011 “Comparing Arab Diasporas: Post-9/11 and Historical Perspectives on Hadhrami and Syro-Lebanese Communities in Southeast Asia and the Americas” (co-authored with Johann Heiss), Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 31 (2), 231–250

2011 “Paths of Institutionalization, Varying Divisions, and Contested Radicalisms: Comparing Hadhrami Communities on Java and Sulawesi”, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 31 (2), 331–342

2011 “Translocal Networks and Globalisation within Indonesia. Exploring the Hadhrami Diaspora from the Archipelago’s North-East”, Asian Journal of Social Science 39 (3), 238–257

2010 “The Agency of the Heart. Internet Chatting as Youth Culture in Indonesia”, Social Anthropology / Anthropologie Sociale 18 (3), 316–330