Dr. Dinh Hong Hai
Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences & National University, Vietnam

Researcher, Institute of Cultural Studies
Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences

Part-time lecturer, University of Social Sciences and Humanity
National University, Vietnam

Mailing Address: 501 – K16, Bach Khoa, Hanoi, Vietnam
Fax: +84462652895
Phone: +84985731933
Email: dinhhaih@gmail.com

Main Interests
Socio-cultural anthropology, symbolism, semiotics, religious & culture change, anthropology of arts, Asian studies

Recent Publications
2012 Characteristic Symbols in Vietnamese Traditional Culture Vol 1. Knowledge Publishing House, Hanoi

2012 From “Technic & Magic” to “Art & Agency” by Point of View of Alfred Gell, Tia Sang Magazine No13

2011 Cultural Studies: A View on Symbolic Anthropology, Anthropology Review No 5

2010  Poverty and the Impact of Poverty Reduction Projects for Rural Ethnic Minorities in Cao Bang, the Final report of National consultant, Project VIE/029

2010 Conservation and Enrichment for the Thang Long – Hanoi Intangible Culture. Hanoi Publishing House, Hanoi (co-author)

2010 The Role of the Silk-road in the Development of Chinese Buddhism, Astha Bharati Magazine, Volume-11 No. 3, January-March, India

2009 Maitreya Images in Asian Buddhist Art, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Working Papers Series, No 9, U.S.A.

2007 Kien Giang: Land and People. Literature and Arts Publishing House, Ho Chi Minh city (co-author)

2006 Water in the Culture of Central Vietnam. Social Sciences publishing House, Hanoi (co-author)

2006 The Guol [Communal House] in Katu Culture. National Culture publishing house, Hanoi

2005 Characteristics of Cultural Heritage in Central Vietnam. Social Sciences publishing House, Hanoi (co-author)

2003 Folklore Survey in Tri Chi village. Social Sciences publishing House, Hanoi (co-author)